About Me


•Another ordinary Singaporean Son serving his 2 years (lucky thing I’m going to ORD this year-2016). 

•Started off my academic life in your typical neighbourhood schools- Primary, Secondary and even Junior College- and managed to crawl my way to the much revered doorstep of the prestigious Nanyang Business School (NBS). 

•Began reading up on investing after my ALevels and only started dabbling in stocks in April last year. 

P.S. Please guide me, my dear readers

•Currently surviving on $1300 monthly, or you can say, $200 since $1.1k finds its way into my savings account. 

•Not a penny pincher but a prudent spender.

And my Financial Goals: 

I am currently sitting on a portfolio worth $5428.00 at the time of writing (6th March 2016) and aim to take this value to $20 000 by the time I enter University, which, essentially, is 18 months from now. Hopefully, I am able to achieve a 6% dividend yield on my portfolio, thereby giving me $1200 annually come August 2017. As for my long term goals, I have yet to delve deep into it but should be nearing my 1st million at age 35. 

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